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Load your audio files, import your mp3s, do all the edits you need... Cut, copy&paste, add dynamic and color, add life to your sounds, place them in a new room. Do audio restoration of your old vinyls. All with the simplest and most intuitive graphic interface. Always with the speed of light, even while editing audio files as long as a full Audio-CD! And, if you do something wrong, don't worry! you have unlimited and immediate undos/redos...


Use DSP-Quattro to do your amateur or professional live recordings as well. Get the audio from your Mac microphone or from the most advanced Audio interface connected to your Apple Mac, DSP-Quattro will always guarantee an absolutely perfect and glitch free recording session, thanks to its internal advanced triple buffering audio caching engine. Don't lose any sample of your incoming audio stream!


Host your favorite audio plug-ins to apply the most advanced and original third party algorithms to your audio files, with full latency compensation and sample precision. Play your Virtual Instruments while listening to your audio files, use your Mac to learn to play music, or as a real-time effect box by hosting Effect plug-ins, routing audio inputs to outputs through your favourites effects. Play live your acoustic or electric musical instruments adding outstanding effects to your music!


Use the advanced AudioCD layout waveform editor to assemble your audio files, place your audio-CD Tracks, edit the crossfades between your audio files for smooth and inaudible transitions between your CD tracks. Burn your Audio-CDs without leaving the application. See what you get, use your mouse to move your audio tracks back and forth in the time line, use AU/VST plug-ins even on the single CD Track on your AudioCD layout... take advantage of the simplest and most complete tool for Audio-CD Mastering! And... are you a professional user? Use DSP-Quattro to edit CD-Texts, ISRC and PQ codes, and to import/export DDP AudioCD images as well...

  1. 30.11.2015  DSP-Quattro 4.4 is now available.

  2. DSP-Quattro 4.4 is now available for the download. It extends the support of AU plug-ins, WAVES v9.6 and some other new AU plug-ins are now fully supported. The Replace function on the AudioCD Layout has been revisited, and some minor bugs fixed. All DSP-Quattro users are highly recommended to get and use it, it is a free update, of course. The full version is, as usual, into the user area

  3. 24.08.2015  DSP-Quattro 4.3.1 is now available.

  4. DSP-Quattro 4.3.1 is now available for the download. It is mainly a maintenance release, it offers a very much better DDP compatibility - mostly when importing DDPs, and several important bug fixes. Version 4.3 offers some new features and it is also faster thanks to a global code optimization. All DSP-Quattro users are highly recommended to get and use it, it is a free update, of course. The full version is, as usual, into the user area

  5. 13.10.2014  iBetterHearing 1.0.1 for iOS is now available.

  6. iBetterHearing is a very innovative App for iOS done to help people with hearing loss to communicate more effectively. Powered by the new 64 bits DSPQ AudioEngine for iOS, iBetterHearing transforms your iPhone into a hearing aid, drastically improving hearing ability and correcting impaired hearing as measured by an audiologist [more...].


DSP-Quattro is a copyright © 2011 by Stefano Daino. All rights reserved. All others copyrights and Trademarks are held by their respective companies

VAT ID:  IT06630211008

DSP-Quattro 4:
Audio File Editing, Plug-in Hosting, Audio CD-ROM Mastering...  
with a lot of incredible features. Simply an awesome version 4!

DSP-Quattro 4 FULL version, new license for 89,00 euro / 99.00 US$.
DSP-Quattro 4 UPGRADE from versions 2.x or 3.x for 19,00 euro / 19.00 US$
DSP-Quattro 4 CROSS-UPGRADE from other selected Audio Editors and for LOGIC users for 74,00 euro / 79.00 US$
>>> BIAS PEAK SPECIAL: DSP-Quattro CROSS-UPGRADE for BIAS PEAK owners for 45,00 euro / 49.00 US$ <<< Store.html
DSP-Quattro version 4.x
€89,00 / $99.00
DSP-Quattro v4.x upgrade from v2.x or v3.x
€19,00 / $19.00
DSP-Quattro v4.x cross-upgrade from other products
€74,00 / $79.00
DSP-Quattro v4.x cross-upgrade from BIAS PEAK
€45,00 / $49.00Store.html



Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra

System Requirements:
 Apple Mac with a PowePC or Intel processor
 256 MB RAM
 100 MB of free space on HD
 1152x720 Display
 MacOS X 10.5 on PowerPCs, MacOS X 10.6.8 or higher on Intel Macs.

Apple Mac with Intel Core2 Duo CPU, 
1 GBytes RAM 
100 MBytes of free HD space.
 1440x900 Display
MacOS X 10.6.8 or higherFeatures.html