DSP-Quattro Testimonials.

What press say:

DSP-Quattro reaches beyond the boundaries of traditional audio-editing software. In addition to the typical sample-editing tools, it features multitrack recording, simultaneous playback of multiple audio files, real-time hosting of virtual instruments, and real-time effects processing of audio input. ... DSP-Quattro is an absolutely outstanding piece of software and an incredible value. It offers features and performances on par with or exceeding sample-editing software costing four or five times as much. The documentation is complete and accurate. The user interface is well thought out, and key commands are provided for most often used operations. Any one of its five basic function - sample editor, soft-synth rack, real-time effects box, mastring tool or audio-CD burner - is easily worth the price tag.

Len Sasso
Electronic Musician
June 2004 issue


This 'modular' digital audio editor delivers outrageous value and innovative design... DSPQ does all expected editing/mastering functions ... but if (for example) you are a sample developer, this program is aces. ... For years, Windows users have enjoined a wonderful set of editing programs, while on the Mac... But DSP-Quattro has some features that aren't available on any the Windows editors, while setting the bar higher for what can expect from this type of program. At this price, the cost effectiveness is unbelievable - but download the demo and you will believe. This is an exceptional piece of software.

Craig Anderton
July 2004 issue


Electronic Musician 2005 Editor Choice - Audio Editing Software (2-Tracks). True bargains are a rarity in professional-grade music software. When one does come along, it is a compelling candidate for an award. Based on features and price, DSP-Quattro would appear to be a good deal, but it wouldn't be an award winner if its performance were unimpressive. Fortunately, the program delivers outstanding quality as well. In our estimation, that makes it a true bargain - and an EM Editors' Choice award winner ... In short, this little monster is one of the best deal of the year.

Editor Staff
Electronic Musician
January 2005 issue


FOR: + Excellent sample rate conversion + UI much more responsive + Good value + OS9 and OSX compatible - Sample rate conversions are notoriously difficult to carry out accurately. As a result, algorithms vary quite bit in terms of speed of execution and audio quality. generally speaking, higher quality conversions take longer to carry out, but sonehow the guys at i3 have come up with a sample rate conversion technique - based on a linear phase technology - that can be executed quickly yet still produces excellent audio results. We tried it out on a couple of high resolution clips and we very much liked what we heard ... it will almost definitely satiate the audio editing appetite of all but the most power-hungry Mac User

Editor Staff
Computer Music
April 2005 issue


DSP-Quattro provides a full complement of sample editing functions ... When you need to clean up your audio files or burn your next hit CD, turn to DSP-Quattro.

Editor Staff
Electronic Musician
July 2005 issue


Stereo Editing for the Mac, with class. The signal routing capabilities of this program are second to none. ... There aren't any other programs that give you the number of options for routing and processing audio that this one does, at any step of the way through the program. DSP-Quattro deserves your serious consideration when you're looking for a dedicated editing and CD burning application. You'll get a virtual processing and virtual instrument application into the bargaing. To top it all off, DSP-Quattro is extremely reasonably priced. It's tough to beat.

Bill Stunt
February 2006 issue


... To my mind, this is an absolutely unmissable bargain and perhaps a real cause for concern among i3's competitors. DSP Quattro is already an impressive and powerful application, which could develop into a real giant-killer. If you're in the market for a Mac audio editor, you owe it to yourself to try it.

Paul Sellars
Sound On Sound
April 2003 issue



What users say:

Stefan Bruggermann

I can't wait to get the new version - the beta version works fine and the new playlist is very cool.

Tony Di Bartolo

Thank you for producing this application - I depend on it every day.

Chikur Heart

I appreciate the excellent support.


Thank you for your help and for making a great product!

Stephen Jones

DSP-Quatto is a great application

Jeffrey Hass

And thanks for maintaining an excellent product!

Dominic Cramp

I used to use Quattro all the time on my PPC machine. It is great to have it back again.... Thanks again for everything! Keep making terrific stuff.

Josh Roseman

DSP Quattro really gives us the best sounding CD burns, it's extremely useful to us.

Ron Sures

Keep up the good work- I love your software.

Howard Greene

I love this software and use it all the time. thanks for designing it.

Elainie Lillios

Tell everyone at DSPQ how much we enjoy using the software! We love it!

Richard Armin

West Australia

Thank you and all your colleagues for a truly useful application.

Neil Davies

West Australia

DSP Quattro has been one of the most useful & valuable programs I have purchased and it is very encouraging to see development continuing along with the evolving Macintosh platform. Keep up the good work :-)

Jonas Niklasson


And now its up and running, doing fantastic audio processing works! Quattro is a super app. and i am happy with it!

Rick Godoy

I have had my DSP QUATTRO software in my studio for a while and I love it! Good Product never had a crash with my version simply the best Audio editor in the world..

Paul E. Mitchell

I LOVE DSP Quattro, and use it at pretty much every session.

John C. Pierce

Thank you for a terrific product.



Zip Boterbloem

I use DSP Quattro a lot, It's a great tool for cleaning up and sweetening of spoken word recordings.

Paul Kennedy

Thanks for all the work you've obviously been doing - I love DSP

Chris Eccles

I can honestly say that Quattro goes from strength to strength. It really is the most amazing program and I am never at my workstation without it open for one job or another. Why every professional producer in dance music doesn't use it, I don't know - maybe one day they all will. Without Quattro, I doubt if I could make records any more ! ;-) Keep the good work up.

Elainie Lillios

Thanks SO much. I really love DSPQuattro!


Thanks, it works like a charm

Mike Naglak

BTW, I think your program is fantastic. I used to use Sound Forge for windows and I find DSP Quattro to be similar in quality.

Richard Schwartz

It's a really nice product.

Andrea Pilati

Grazie per l'impegno profuso nello sviluppo di questo ottimo software. Era da tempo che aspettavo novità :-)

Christoph Kuhn

thank's a lot. What a great support!!

Marq Speck

Great app and great support!

Daan B

With much pleasure I use your program...

Joe Wilcox

This is a relief for me as this is the best editor on the Mac I have seen!

Donnie Dixon

You guys have awesome products...

Sandro Gomez

GREAT.. I've been giving everyone great news about DSP-Quattro and great support. thanx.. it worked great..

Dan Daridan

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy using DSP Quattro--it's a great program.

George Elkin

I am a very pleased user of dsp quattro!!! I use the program for crucial applications

Carole Fortini

Once again you have saved my life. Mille Grazie!!! You're the Best, and I love your software.

Bart Rozalski

Thanks for the quick response. You guys rule.

Zip Boterbloem

DSP-Q is one of my most used tools

Akis Katsoupakis

First of all , congradulations for that fine application . I really think it's one of the best , and useful applications i use for my work .

Ed Billeaud


I really like DSP Quattro, it is a great product.

Dr. Otto

I have ALWAYS received Fantastic customer service from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hollow Sun

I am very impressed with Quattro. I've tried all the others and they don't compare. I am very pleased as well that OS9 continues to be supported because I still use that most of the time.

Paul Champagne

I want to say what a great piece of software DSP Quattro is. I am having alot of fun with it , it is intuitive and full featured.

Erich Meier

I have a new Mac Pro for two moth now and use DSP Quattro regularly. It's still the best and best looking audio editor I know

Barry Clayton


As always excellent service

Elmer D. (El) Armstrong

I have been having a great time using DSP-Quatro X for quite awhile now. It's a great product.

Bennie Sims

Thank you, I love your product

Stephen Merriman

It is an outstanding program from the recording and editing standpoint.

Paul E. Mitchell

Trick Dog Recording

Thank you for your help. I am thrilled with DSP-Quattro. It sounds wonderful and works elegantly. My business now depends on it.

Fred Russ

Thanks again for your help. Your suggestions worked. Much appreciated as I would be lost without DSP Quattro - its the best in my opinion.

Greg Manning

I tried it and it works perfectly. Again, I'm very impressed by the workflow of this program. Good job!

Rob Castiglione

Thanks again for your excellent support.... I should add that I have enjoyed using DSP Quattro tremendously. The workflow is so easy and the SRC sounds great. Many thanks again for an excellent and creative tool.

Kimmo Kuu

You should as it is the best audio edit software there is! I've used them all so I know what I'm talking about :)

Matthew Pryce

i thank you again and dsp rocks

Emil Jeyaratnam

Melbourne, Australia

Great software loved it. Well done!

James Shaw


I am a proud owner and user of DSP-Quattro. I'm a live sound engineer and I use it to record shows and then prepare and burn them to CD for the band. Out of all the 2-track editing software out there I find yours the easiest to use and much more in my price range.

Paul Dunderdale

Thanks very much. Excellent support, as always!

John Dollard

thx fully I'm using the latest and it's just great!

Christophe MOUDENC


Your soft is excellent (i bravo a Italia en football contra Francia).

Petter Wiik

Oslo, Norvay

Hi! Enjoying your excellent program!

Steve Schiller

I love the program -- very intuitive, very smooth, very pleasing GUI.

Ron Curcio

track files into shape, DSP-Quattro rules all, and it's relatively inexpensive. Best of all, it's resampling function sounds wonderful (when set on Excellent), and it's fastfastfast. It's got a great batch processor, and it's cheap, too. I just finished making up a complex custom soundfont for a DS game, it batch-processed more then 300 tiny little 24/44 files down to 16/22 in no time, and kept the loop points intact (!!!)

Duncan Watt

I'm against a scary deadline (I'm a game composer), making a custom soundbank for a DS game... Your loop x-fade window is amazingly simple and effective - I wish I had this two years ago.

Robin Proper-Sheppard

thanks for the great editor!

Roy Cherryhomes

Texas, USA

Greetings from Dallas Texas. I really love the upgrades to 2.0 which you posted in December!

Ricardo Godoy

Everything went perfect with no problems wow I love this program so much ... My PC friend was very pleased with the stability of DSP Quattro ! And also was very jealous that there isn't a PC version. Anyways Thank you so very much for your great e-mails!

George Foster

I believe your program is the best value in recording software.

Manuel Rettinger

UBIK Sound

I can't express how much I admire this software. Thank you for your hard work.

So, the conclusion is: Congratulations! DSP-Quattro is clearly the current winner in my resampling tests and is what I will use from now on for any resampling.

Barry Diament

Soundkeeper Recordings


I've just got back from the Madonna tour and got my G5 up and running... Thank you for all your help and brilliant software!!!

Steve Sidelnyk

Madonna, Seal


Some time ago I became a user of DSP-Quattro... I had some problems early on that you helped in rectifying for which I never thanked you... I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for helping me in such a timely fashion and to congratulate and compliment you on a truly outstanding audio application; I don't know how you got this to be both realtime and stable-WOW. I also think that the ability to process audio while playing a vsti via midi and record the resulting work is outrageous... A wonderful, powerful program that's simple to use doesn't come along often enough!!!!

Vernon Reid

Living Colour


DSP-Quattro made it possible for me to create my CD: Modal Soul: Keyboard Jazz & Contemporary Piano for Contemplation and Delight. Modal Soul was recorded, edited, mixed and mastered entirely on DSP-Quattro. Not only is this software excellent, it is also readily learnable by anyone (such as myself) who has had no prior experience in digital recording. Additionally, customer support is exceptional! The few questions I had about using DSP-Quattro were quickly, and always correctly, answered. I cant say enough good things about DSP-Quattro. Suffice it to say that I am very grateful for the obvious thought and care that have gone into making DSP-Quattro so useful and excellent. It is truly superb!

Stephen Merriman




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