Detailed specs

- It is a Universal Application, runs native on Intel Macs as well as on M1-powered Macs

- Multithread internal engine

- A self-contained Project keeps safely all used audio files ready for future edits

- 64 bits internal file-based audio engine and the support of long audio files allow to edit audio files practically without any size limits.

- Import/Export in most used of audio file formats, including additional features:

... and more.

- Unlimited and Immediate Undos/Redos

- A High Quality Audio Recorder allows to record to file the audio inputs as well as the application audio output.

- The state-of-the-art of audio Digital Signal Processing:

- Built-in Effects, including:

- Ultra-precise and ultra-fast waveform display, up to 1:1 X-axis and unlimited Y-axis ZoomIn ratios

- Drag&Drop support for fast import of audio files

- HD-based file player with looping capability

- Audio CD-ROM built-in Burning engine, fully Rebook Compliant

- Import/Export Audio CD-ROM images as DDP standard, including md5 checksum.

- CD-Tracks Sheet print-out as PDF and TAB-Limited Text files. 

- Non-destructive real time editing with immediate visual feedback

- Shifting an AudioRegion in time, next AudioRegions and CD-Tracks will follow. This is not possible using a multitrack sequencer.    

- Shifter, scissor, add CDTrack mouse pointer modes 

- Fx chain on AudioCDLayout output to apply your effect to choose among internal effects or your favourite Audio Unit plug-ins 

- Each Audio Region can have its own Fx chain on insert as well

- Easy and Advanced edit modes to better meet your needs:

- Easy Edit Mode:

- Advanced Edit Mode:

... and very much more


System Requirements

DSP-AudioCDBuilder needs MacOS 10.11 (El Captain) or newer to run. It is also fully compatible with newer versions of MacOS, including MacOS 13 (Ventura). It is a Universal Application, it runs at full speed on both Apple Silicon-based and Intel-based Macs.  

It needs 512 MBytes of  free RAM to run and 50 Mbytes of free HD space to be installed. It runs on any Mac compatible with MacOS 10.11 or newer. DSP-AudioCDBuilder uses as much as possible all the hardware resources of your mac, as multicore CPUs and SSD HDs.

It is a 64 bits application, and it is able to host Effect  Audio Unit (AU) plug-ins if they are 64 bits plug-ins compatible with a sandboxed host (Apple GarageBand is a 64 bits sandboxed host as well). 

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