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VAT ID:  IT06630211008

iBetterHearing is an App for iOS which transforms your iPhone into a hearing aid.

Use your iPhone to amplify the incoming sound, drastically improving hearing ability and correcting impaired hearing as measured by audiometry. iBetterHearing allows you to set how to amplify audio frequencies of left and right input audio signals, independently for left and right channels. You can do it also according to the result of an audiometric test performed by an audiologist, being able to enter the exact values from audiometric curves for the left and right hear.

iBetterHearing is powered by the new 64 Bits DSPQ AudioEngine for iOS. It uses the state-of-art of Digital Signal Processing techniques for processing the input signal, also offering an advanced algorithm to adjust automatically the output level in case of input signal overload.

To use iBetterHearing, it is necessary to have a iPhone and an headphone with a built-in microphone. A very good quality headphone is highly recommended for best results. The minumum requirement is an iPhone 4, but an iPhone 5 or newer is highly recommended for their very much better audio quality.


To help people with hearing loss to communicate more effectively

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