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Built using the very last Apple SDK  to run on latest versions of MacOS, including MacOS 14 Sonoma, and Macs based on Apple Silicon CPUs(*), DSP-AudioEditor uses the same core engine of his big brother DSP-Quattro, an award-winning application with twenty-three year of history behind it. Designed with the experience of a long past, looking to the future.  


(*) DSP-AudioEditor is a Universal Application, it runs at full speed on both Apple Silicon-based and Intel-based Macs. 

It needs MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer to run.

DSP-AudioEditor is designed for the most discriminating professional users. 

However, because of its simple, easy and intuitive interface, it is also an ideal product for the musician who is just discovering the world of digital audio. It allows for professional results, it is easy and simple to use, and with plug-in hosting capabilities, offers seemingly endless possibilities.

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