Version History


Version 5.9.5:  24.04.17: 

fixed a potential problem loading certain AU Virtual Instruments .

Version 5.9.4:  24.03.21: 

Improved compatibility with AU plug-ins built using the last version of the JUCE SDK. 

minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 5.9.2:  24.03.01: 

Zooming on waveform has been revisited, now it is very much more precise, fluid, and fully compatible with trackpads. 

Fixed a compatibility problem when hosting versions 10 or newer of iZotope Ozone plug-in, now its Assistant view is fully operative.

The export of audio CD CD-Tracks as PDF has been revisited and corrected, now it works properly.

Several new improvements on the BatchProcessor, including the support of keyboard shortcuts. 

Built with the very last Apple SDK under MacOS 14 Sonoma, the code is very much faster

Several other minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 5.9:  22.10.17: 

MIDI Sample Dump Standard (SDS) now available for transmitting and receiving samples to/from external hardware samplers and synthesizers over MIDI.

New option to use 32 floats temporary file without checking the [-1.0..+1.0] sample range, for being able to de-normalize audio files recorded in 32 bits floating point precision recovering clipping. 

The code is very much faster

Several bugs have been fixed.

Version 5.8:  22.04.04: 

The BatchProcessor has been revisited and very much improved. Now Undo/Redo is available also while using the BatchProcessor. 

The code is very much faster

Several bugs have been fixed.

Version 5.7:  21.12.29: 

The Cut Editor has been revisited and very much improved. Now a scissor tool is available to do additional cuts, and Undo/Redo is available also while using the Cut Editor. 

The code is very much faster

Several bugs have been fixed.

Version 5.6.1:  21.03.25: 

Fixed the missed connection of the menu commands to apply the Declicking algorithm to the audio file and to the current selection.

Version 5.6:  21.03.23: 

It is a Universal Application, it runs native on Macs based on Apple Silicon CPU. 

New command to burn an audio CD directly from a DDP image.

New option to save the current audio CD as DDP image just after the burning process of the current audioCDLayout, to avoid to render again the current audioCDLayout for burning additional copies when reloading the project

New auto-detection to build an audioCDLayout directly from the regions on an audio file.

New command to import an audio CD image saved as AIFF or WAV file from the previous versions of DSP-Quattro

Fixed a potential problem of access privileges when exporting and replacing the source file.

Fixed a graphic problem on PDF sheets on MacOS HighSierra or older.

Several bugs have been fixed.

Version 5.5.1:  20.12.02: 

This is a maintenance release, some bugs have been fixed.

Version 5.5:  20.11.03: 

YouTube video about what’s new in 5.5:

New: additional features on the Project file list table

New: command to Revert To Source Audio File

New: popup menus on waveform view of the Audio File Editor

New: commands for managing markers and regions

New: MIDI options on the Audio File Editor

New: options using the Zoom Tool, mouse wheel and trackpad gestures on Audio File Editor and AudioCDLayout

New: Playback and generic markers popup menus

New: options replacing an Audio Region on the AudioCDLayout

New: popup menus on CD-Track and Playback markers of the AudioCDLayout

New: CD-Tracks Sheet has been revisited, and Export as TAB-Limited Text file option added.

New: features hosting Virtual Instruments: new channel strip interface

New: better and improved Transport control and plug-ins synchronization

New: options and Audio/MIDI settings on Preferences

MacOS 11 Big Sur supported on Intel-based Macs.

code optimisation.

several minor bugs have been fixed

Version 5.2.1:  19.11.10: 

MacOS 10.15 Catalina: fixed a problem of missed standard interface for Audio CD-ROM Burning, now DSP-Quattro uses its own GUI. 

other minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.2:  19.11.08: 

MacOS 10.15 Catalina is fully supported: the application is now “notarized” and compiled to be fully compatible also with MacOS 10.15 Catalina.  

code optimisation and minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.1.2:  19.08.19: 

fixed a problem of no audio input when installing for the first time DSP-Quattro under MacOS 10.14.6  

code optimisation and better management on hardware configuration without any audio input.

Version 5.1.1:  19.07.29: 

Maintenance release for bug fixing. 

Version 5.1:  19.06.29: 

New: BatchProcessor, very much more powerful respect the one of v4. 

New: no need to save the Project in advance before to work with it

New: new command on the audio file editor to save your edits replacing the source audio file on MacOS file system, outside the Project, with only one mouse click.

New: ISRC codes embedded in WAV files are fully supported

New: import/export of audio files in FLAC format (only HighSierra or newer)

New: it is now possible to rename audio file and other items on the Documents list by right-mouse clicking.

New: Zoom In/Out on the position of the mouse pointer: keeping the control key pressed while using the mouse scroll-wheel, DSP-Quattro does a zoom In/Out around the position of the mouse pointer and not around the Playback cursor

New: Playback Cursor Follow OFF or Follow Next Screen options

New: row selection on AudioCDLayout Audio Region and CD-Track tables has been revisited and improved. It is now possible to click on the Speaker on a row of both tables to jump to that AudioRegion/CD-Track starting the playback. 

New: additional options on Preferences

New: recording mode has been revisited. New MonoLeft and MonoRight options for mono new recordings.

AudioCDLayout graphic engine is drastically faster redrawing when shifting AudioRegions, setting cross-fades, trimming AudioRegion start/end.

AudioCDLayout PDF Sheet has been revisited.

fixed a potential un-compatibility closing some AU plug-ins causing a crash.

code optimization and bug fixing

compiled using the Apple SDK for MacOS 10.14 Mojave, tested also in dark mode.


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