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To i3 s.r.l.

The first and the most important ‘THANK YOU’ is for i3 s.r.l., the software engineering company, founded in 1998, which made possible DSP-Quattro from 2002 to 2011. The partners were:

•Stefano Daino 

•Daniele Grilli 

•Marco Marini 

•Francesco Grilli 

•Giorgio Daino 

•Flavio Del Greco. 

… and:

Jurij Gianluca Ricotti, the best bug finder all over the world. Thanks to Jurij also for his wonderful volcanic character and for his very constructive suggestions and ideas . 

To all the other beta testers, the time they spent testing our applications helped  very very much. A special thank you to Fabio Gionfrida.

Thanks to Antoni Ozynski and Mateusz Wozniak by PSP Audioware. We are always parterns as exhibitors at NAMM Shows and in many other occasions.

A special thank to TC-Works, Ralf Schluenzen, Sven Duwenhorst and all other people working there. Working on Spark was a great experience.

Thanks to Francesco Borsotti, Mauro Angeletti and other people at MidiWare s.r.l. in Rome.

Thanks to all people helping D-SoundPRO development since 1994, without them DSP-Quattro could not exist. Thanks to all people helping the shareware distribution, thanks to them now many important Companies are on the market with a great technology.

A very special thought for my sons: Nicola, Edoardo and Matteo. They are my reason of life.

All my thoughts are for my love, Zdenka. She is always in my heart.  

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DSP-Quattro, DSP-AudioEditor, DSP-AudioCDBuilder are copyrights © by Stefano Daino. All rights reserved. 

All others copyrights and trademarks are held by their respective Companies.

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