>>> Version 5.9.2 is now available! <<<

Version History

- It is a  Universal Application, runs at full speed and natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs processor-based Macs 

- 64 Bits Audio and Graphic Engines 

- Multithread internal engine

- A self-contained Project keeps safely all used audio files ready for future edits 

- 64 bits Audio Unit effect and instruments plug-ins fully supported

- Extended audio file formats support, including long audio files

- Compressed audio files import without requesting any user action

- Internal mp3 encoding engine, no need to install any external library 

- iTunes Plus AAC export option from both the Audio Editor and AudioCD Layout

- New X-Fade Looping Editor

- New Time Stretching and Frequency Shifter phase-locked algorithms 

- Mixer section

- Fully programmable Batch Processor

- It is possible to synchronize several Input Recorders as well as the Output Recorder 

- Easy and Advanced edit modes on the AudioCDLayout

- Processing with single sample time accuracy

- MIDI Sample Dump Standard (SDS)

… and very much more!  

The Audio Editor


Audio File Import/Export

- Import/export of most formats, as AIFF, WAVE, mp3, m4a, CAF, as well as raw binary files and dual L&R mono channels (and FLAC if running on MacOS HighSierra or newer).

- CD-Texts, ID3 Tags and iTunes Plus AAC

- Long audio file support to do editing without any limitation on audio file size

- Markers, Loop, Regions fully supported

Waveform Editor

- Edit at the same time how many audio files you want 

- Unlimited Undo/Redo history on each audio file editor

- Up to 8:1 X-axis and unlimited Y-axis ZoomIn ratios

 - Independent LR channel selection

- Drag&Drop support for fast import/export of audio file selections

- Cut editor

- X-Fade looping programmable editor with real time graphical and audio preview

- Fade In, Fade Out editors 

- MIDI Sample Dump Standard (SDS)

Audio File Player

- Real time audio scrubbing

- Play forward and backward, a jog shuttle controls the playback ratio

- Audio Editor Channel strip with multiple Fx on insert 

- Phase inverter option for each LR audio channels and Mono button for testing mono compatibility


- Immediate Cut, Copy, Paste

- Linear Phase Sample Rate Converter

- Phase locked Time Stretching and Frequency Shifter algorithms

- Analizer/Declicking algorithm by sample prediction

- Internal effects: Parametric and Graphical EQs, Resonant analog modelled Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch 12/24 dB filters, Reverb 1&2, Single, Dual and MultiTap Digital Delays, Chorus, Stereoizer. 

- Audio Unit 64 plug-in hosting: any 64 bits AU plug-in installed on your MacOS can be used as edit function with the sample accuracy, latency compensation, even only on a waveform selection. 

- It is possible to render to audio file a serial chain of Fx, to choose among Internal Effects or AudioUnit plug-ins.

- Dozens of other editing functions, including Normalize, NormalizeTo, ChangeGain, FadeIn/Out, Phase Invert, Reverse…   

The AudioCDLayout

- Internal Audio CD-ROM burning engine, fully rebook compliant

- Import/Export Audio CD-ROM images as DDP standard, including md5 checksum.

- CD-Tracks Sheet print-out as PDF and TAB-Limited Text files

- Easy and Advanced edit modes to better meet your needs

- Non-destructive real time editing with immediate visual feedback

- Shifting an AudioRegion in time, next AudioRegions and CD-Tracks follows. This is not possible using a multitrack sequencer.    

- Shifter, scissor, add CDTrack mouse pointer modes 

- Fx chain on AudioCDLayout output to apply your effect to choose among internal effects or your favourite Audio Unit plug-ins 

- Each Audio Region can have its own Fx chain on insert as well

Easy Edit Mode

- Easy Mode means 1:1 fixed correspondence between Audio Regions and CD-Track. It means that when you add an Audio File to the AudioCDLayout, DSP-Quattro will add and connect a CD-Track, too. 

- It is a super-easy and immediate way to build a new AudioCD.  

- Add, remove, shift in time, trim an Audio Region, then the corresponding CD-Track changes accordingly. And the contrary, too.

Advanced Edit Mode

- Advanced Mode means that free complex configurations between AudioRegions and CD-Tracks are possible. As an example, you may need to add several CD-Tracks on only one long live recording: using DSP-Quattro this is possible. 

- It is possible to place several CD-Tracks on the same AudioRegion

- It is possible to place several AudioRegions to the same CD-Track as well.

Plug-in Hosting

Plug-in Hosting

- DSP-Quattro hosts 64 bits AudioUnit (AU) Effects and Instruments plug-ins 

- AU Effect plug-ins can loaded as real time effect (Fx) on insert on any DSP-Quattro internal audio source,  as the Audio File Editor, AudioCDLayout, Input, Input Recorder and Virtual Instrument modules.

- A serial chain of Fx, without any limitation on the number of Fx, can be used on whichever available insertion point.

 - Each AudioCDLayout Audio Region can have its own Fx chain on insert

- There is also a common AudioCD Layout Fx chain to apply the same effects on all the Audio Regions

- AudioCDLayout Fx are rendered to file when burning o exporting the AudioCD as audio file(s) and/or DDP image.

- DSP-Quattro applies AU latency compensation to guarantee the perfect sample accuracy.

- Instruments AU plug-ins can be used as real time Virtual Instruments controlled by MIDI for playing live.

- DSP-Quattro Input module(s) allows to use your Mac as a real time Fx unit, which routes input signal to AU plug-ins and then to audio outputs, in real time. 

- Using the Output Recorder, it is possible to record the output of one or more Virtual Instruments playing live by MIDI. It is even possible to add Fx on insert.      

The Mixer

- In DSP-Quattro v5 there is a Mixer section. On the Mixer there are several channel strips, one for each audio generator module of DSP-Quattro: the Audio File Editor, AudioCD Layout, Input(s), Input Recorder(s), Virtual Instrument(s).

- It is possible to load any number of different Inputs, Input Recorders and Virtual Instruments. Each module will have its own channel strip.    

- Each channel strip has its own serial chain of FX on insert. Fx can be chosen among any Internal Effects or AudioUnit plug-in installed on your system.

- On Mixer output, there are a L&R main channel strip plus 4 AUX channel strips, each one having its own FX on insert and assignable outputs.   

- The L&R main channel strip and the 4 AUX channel strips can play on different audio outputs of an external audio device connected to your mac.

The Output Recorder

- Using the Output Recorder, it is possible to record the output of one or more Virtual Instruments playing live by MIDI. It is even possible to add Fx on insert. And it is possible to do while using an Input Module as well.

- The Output Recorder can also be used to create new audio files while playing one or more module of DSP-Quattro. It is incredible easy to create new sounds playing stacked Virtual Instruments and other audio files, while processing them through AU plug-ins or internal effects in real time. 

System Requirements

DSP-Quattro v5 needs MacOS 10.11 (El Captain) or newer to run. It is also fully compatible with newer versions of MacOS, including MacOS 14 (Sonoma). It is a Universal Application, it runs at full speed on both Apple Silicon-based and Intel-based Macs.  

It needs 512 MBytes of  free RAM to run and 50 Mbytes of free HD space to be installed. It runs on any Mac compatible with MacOS 10.11 or newer. DSP-Quattro uses as much as possible all the hardware resources of your mac, as multicore CPUs and SSD HDs.

It is a 64 bits application, and it is able to host Effect and Instrument Audio Unit (AU) 64 bits plug-ins as well. 

If you have a Mac running an old version of MacOS,  previous versions of DSP-Quattro are available upon requests.

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